Bob Brubaker 
Alexandria, VA.





  • Network & Computer Security Consultant Current
  • CoFounder - American Restroom Association Inc  Current
  • Network Planner, Military District of Washington
  • Network Manager, Fort Belvoir 
  • Senior Network Analyst, Belvoir Research & Development Center 
  • Electronics Engineer,  US Army Counter Intrusion Lab
  • Physicist, US Army Guerilla Warfare Countermeasures Lab 


  • Most recent BI  >  SSBI-PR  
  • Most recent clearance > TS-SCI 


  • Network and computer security consulting for network designs, implementation accreditation plans, proposal and SOW generation, and policy and SOP review.


Physicist, Guerilla Warfare Countermeasures, U.S. Army Intrusion Detection and Sensor Lab.  Using 3 dimensional fast fourier transforms, analyzed 8 -14 micron infrared signatures for target extraction from high background noise environments.  Project lead for the first refractive lens (gallium arsenide) based long range far-infrared, non-imaging sensor  photo 

Electronics Engineer, Fort Belvoir Research & Development Center.  As part of a DOD terrorist threat reduction initiative, analyzed multi-source digital signal signatures from existing and developmental sensors.  Developed network engineering skill utilizing wide area networked computer assets from various National Laboratories. 

Network Engineer - Fort Belvoir Research & Development Center.   Was the Project Engineer for the first campus area Ethernet based network at Ft Belvoir.   Provided Installation's first Internet (ARPANET) connection via BBN Butterfly Router.  Was the lead engineer and subsequent network analyst for first Cisco based backbone upgrade. 

Network Manager - Belvoir Installation Transport Network.  Was the Network Manager and lead Engineer for the expansion of the above network to encompass all of Fort Belvoir.  With +30,000 nodes and more then 130 Organizations connected, was responsible for one of the largest networks in the DOD.   Network Advertises 5 Class B and numerous class C networks to the Internet via 3 high-bandwidth links.  Largest pipe was an OC-12 connection via AT&T.   Autonomous System directly advertised on Internet and first hop connected to MAE-East and MAE-West, providing  experience working directly with core internet providers. The diverse customers security requirements and the triple redundancy internet connectivity had led to broad experience with a variety of network security and firewall challenges not typically found on smaller networks.   Besides being the Network Manager for the above network, responsibilities also included serving as the Network Security Officer during the early years of this position

Cofounder and Program Manager for the American Restroom Association.   Scope of effort available at  American Restroom Association   

Network & Computer Security Consultant - See availability